The ability to pivot. Harnessing the power of technology, embracing change, and being unafraid to pivot


Descriptor. Podcasting is an industry that we love to the core, and we are grateful every single day that we have the opportunity to work in our chosen industry, leveraging our strengths and hardened skills, with the freedom and flexibility to contribute to our life’s overall well being


We believe in collaboration, not competition. Stories are something to be shared, and when we collaborate, our industry advances. At Crate, we believe in the powerful, independent roots of podcasting, and we marry those roots with the proven history of agency-driven mass media. 


We are all human at the core. We aim to be easy to reach, easy to work with, and easy to relate to - between all team members as well as with clientele 


<<how do I define some element of sarcasm or “fuck you”>> we know what we’re about and we are unwilling to compromise - but we aren’t assholes about it (we know when to say no)