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Recommended gear


Audio-Technica ATR-2100

Dynamic mic with both XLR + USB functionality. Record with any standard interface, mixer, or recording device, or plug directly into your computer, iPad, or iPhone.

Shure SM58

The classic world-renowned live vocal mic. Normally meant for the stage, the SM58 provides quality sound that is focused on your voice, not the room.

Shure SM7B

The #1 broadcast mic. In most cases the 7B will require a preamp for optimum sound.

Audio-Technica BPSH-1

Mic/headset combo, for extreme ease of use, especially for guests and for on-the-road recording.

Mic Stands

Tabletop Base

For recording around a conference table or desk where you will be in close proximity to the table. Note: the base is heavy, which makes these more difficult to travel with.

Boom Arm Stand

For longer, extended reach. These can be clamped onto the side of the desk, or drilled and secured directly into the desk. (A cheaper option can be found here).

Tall Boom Stand

For comfortable seating, including couches and chairs, these stands will give you the reach you need.

Portable Tabletop Stand

These are more flimsy than the normal tabletop stands, but fold up nicely for easier travel.

Recording Devices

iPad / iOS

When using the ATR-2100, you are able to record directly to your iOS device using this adapter.

Zoom H6

For many reasons, we recommend a hardware recording solution vs. a software solution. This removes your computer from causing any potential issues with your recording (slow HD, behind on updates, audio latency, etc.). Because of this, the Zoom H6 is hands-down the best recording option for podcasters.

RODECaster Pro

The new RODECaster Pro may look intimidating at first, but it’s easy to use and contains everything (literally) that a podcaster would need for recording, including onboard FX, separate headphone channels, remote call capability, sound boards, and even Bluetooth connectivity.



‘Cans’ are imperative to podcast recordings, so that you and any guests or co-hosts can hear everything that’s being recorded.

Headphone Splitter

If you have a single co-host or guest (read: 2 people total) you can use this headphone splitter.

Headphone Amp

For any more than 2 people recording in the same room, a headphone amp will be necessary to route your monitoring signal to 3-4 people simultaneously - not required for the RODECaster. (You also need this cable).

SD Card

The Zoom H6 records on SD cards, and it’s always a good idea to have a few extra lying around.


Auxiliary Cord

Used to patch a phone call (or any remote call) into the Zoom H6 from your computer, tablet, or phone.

XLR Cables

If you need replacement - or additional - microphone cables (aka XLR).